THE DATA How bad is the situation?



of Bengaluru’s
children have asthma



of the heart attack admissions in
the cardio ICU at Sri Jayadeva Institute
are due to air pollution



increase in the number
lung cancer patients
who are non-smokers

Young children are particularly vulnerable: they breathe at twice
the rate of adults, are more active and breathe closer to the ground,
where pollution is more concentrated.

What’s Polluting Bengaluru? Where is the PM2.5 in the city’s air coming from?

Source: TERI, 2010

The Impact How is it affecting me?

The Challenges Why is it hard to fight?

Insufficient air
quality data

The city does not have required number of monitors to give us the real picture on air quality.

Policy & administrative challenges

Policy makers lack the evidence and capacity to tackle air pollution through a multi stakeholder approach.

Lack of understanding of sources of pollution

With no emission database, we don’t know the sources which contribute the most.

Limited citizen

With not enough information on exposure and health impacts, the public perceives ambient air to be good.

Insufficient low-cost sensor ecosystem

Low cost sensors are not accepted by regulators, while there is no independent evaluation of sensors.


Those affected worst contribute the least and are underrepresented in decision making.

The effort What has been done so far?

14 point action point by SC

Introduction of LPG 3-wheelers for new & conversion of old

Introduction of No PUC No Fuel policy

Setting up of electronic emission testing center in each petrol pump

Kerosene curb

Check adulteration of fuels

To construct 2 flyovers, 5 one-way roads etc.!

Increase BMTC fleet size

KSPCB to install 1 online ambient monitor

KSPCB to monitor clean fuel usage by Industries for DG sets & boilers

September, 1998

Sulphur Reduction program

Introduction of green fuel - Initiated by Supreme Court (SC)

April, 2010

Suo-moto intervention by Karnataka HC

Restrict registration of 2-wheelers, ban entry of HMVs, ban 2 stroke 2-wheelers

Ban Auto rickshaw in CBD, >15 yrs HMV

No PUC no Fuel

Fine & regulate shrill horn, regulate traffic

Testing of vehicle emission center

Covert to CNG & create mass awareness

July, 2015

Mobile emission checking vans

6 deployed in BLR

Diesel vehicles 25% of sampled vehicles failed emission check

April, 2017

National Green Tribunal issues a directive to 4 cities in Karnataka

Including Bengaluru to produce a Comprehensive Action Plan to control air pollution

October, 2018