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Do you think Bengaluru’s air is as bad as that of Delhi?

Source: Bangalore Mirror

Balakrishna MR

BM reader

Delhi is clogged and has been reported to be the worst city to breathe, in India. The current summer and the vast civic constructions in the city are worrying and could lead to Bengaluru becoming the next Delhi.

Vasanth Mysoremath


Bengaluru’s air quality is likely to become worse than that of Delhi due to toxic emissions from the growing vehicle population coupled with destruction of carbon sinks/greenery in the name of development.

Minati Pradhan


No, as of now, Bengaluru’s air is better than Delhi’s. But, if trees are cut mercilessly and we do not use public transport things will soon get worse. We must reduce our carbon footprint.

K Chidanand Kumar

Architect & Interior Designer

Right now, no. But we are rapidly reaching the pollution levels of Delhi due to the crumbling infrastructure and unpredictable temperature changes. This is the right time for the authorities to commence damage control and protect Bengaluru’s air

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