Air pollution crisis: Bengaluru’s going up in smoke

Source: Deccan Chronicle Author: Aksheev Thakur Bengalureans of old may lament at the way the city has changed over the years, and office-goers may find driving on its roads tough with its traffic growing by leaps and bounds, but despite all the grumbling and concerns about Bengaluru’s future, the authorities seem little concerned about where.

Act on air pollution

Authors: Yogesh Ranganath and Asavari Raj Sharma Source: Deccan Herald It’s World Environment Day today, and the United Nations Environment Programme has set ‘air pollution’ as the theme for 2019. Air pollution is now a public health emergency. Some seven million people die prematurely every year worldwide because of polluted air, with more than half.

Project NO2

Crowd-sourcing data to measure nitrogen dioxide levels in Bengaluru’s air Clean Air Platform, in collaboration with Sensing Local, is launching an ambitious programme to involve the citizens of Bengaluru in an exercise to measure the levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at various locations across the city. Using simple and relatively cheap equipment, participants in the.

A citizen science and awareness project in to measure air pollution exposure in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, April 23, 2019: To raise awareness on bad air quality and the impact it has on health, a unique campaign has been launched, which will crowd-source data on the air pollution exposure that various citizens face, at different locations in Bengaluru. The initiative by Clean Air Platform (CAP), invites individuals, organisations and groups to.