Community-based air quality monitoring


Curious about the quality of the air you breathe? Do you want to know the levels of pollutants in your place of residence, work and exercise or where your children study? Clean Air Platform is piloting a unique exercise – community-based air quality monitoring, as part of a campaign to help the citizens of Bengaluru be aware of what they are breathing. Using air quality diagnostic kits, we will facilitate the measurement of air quality and analysis of pollutants in the place or route of your interest. You could be a citizen group, a civic body, a business, a research institute, or an individual – through the use of personal air quality monitors as well as air sampling equipment, you can diagnose air quality, identify issues and devise plans to improve the quality of air you breathe. We will also be documenting your stories to educate and mobilise other citizens on deteriorating air quality and its hazardous effects. We invite individuals, organisations and communities to sign-up and volunteer to participate.

We believe everyone should know more about the air they breathe and should have a simple and accurate way to do so. We also love citizen science.

Any individual/group/community/organisation interested in learning more about the air they breathe can apply.

Unfortunately at the moment we are only able to work with folks from Bengaluru. We hope we come soon to your town/city in the future!

At present’ we have the capability to measure personal exposure as well as 24 hour levels of PM 2.5

PM 2.5 is a nasty pollutant, largely attributable to vehicular emissions, against which our body has no defence. It is so tiny that it slips through our nostrils, mucus and lungs and into our bloodstream, from where it can reach almost any organ. Using the data that emerges from this study, you can devise plans to either avoid, mitigate or solve for the sources of pollution.

Nothing. CAP owns some of these devices, or has access to them through friends. We will take care of the equipment and its setup. We need you to host us and to let us document it.

We will over the course of the next few weeks, hear from several of you. Our hope is to find a diverse set of geographies and individuals to undertake this exercise in, so there may be some of you who we may not be able to work with. That said, we will get back to you as soon as possible and co-ordinate accordingly.

3 thoughts on “Community-based air quality monitoring

  1. Dr. Kishalay Banerjee

    The community-based air quality monitoring is a very good initiative and it is very urgent too in the direction towards making Bangalore green, clean and pollution free environment. The city which was once known as retired person’s paradise has lost its old real status, quality and image. Being a victim of air pollution and suffering both of us (above 70 years) from incurable diseases like COPD and Asthma we earnestly feel our children and young people should be fully aware and conscious of the dangers and suffering of chronic respiratory diseases and its impact upon our society.

  2. Sunep

    Along with the RWAs, we need to aggressively try to on-board the various companies across the city so that they can monitor and spread information about air pollution since they are indirectly are a big contributor.

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