A citizen science and awareness project in to measure air pollution exposure in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, April 23, 2019: To raise awareness on bad air quality and the impact it has on health, a unique campaign has been launched, which will crowd-source data on the air pollution exposure that various citizens face, at different locations in Bengaluru. The initiative by Clean Air Platform (CAP), invites individuals, organisations and groups to.

How air pollution impacts are higher for outdoor exercisers

By Yogesh Ranganath, with Asavari Raj Sharma One of my most exciting experiences in 2018, was participating in the first WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health in Geneva. The three-day event, from October 30 to November 1, was attended by around 600 participants from 89 countries. The sessions focused on Science and Evidence,.

You’re smoking, but you don’t know it!

Author: Yogesh Ranganath Source: Deccan Herald Since childhood, we’ve been told of the ill-effects of smoking cigarettes. Cigarette cartons come with graphic warnings about how smoking kills. While we’re intolerant of cigarette smoke, we’re shockingly accepting of the toxic air in our cities. Delhi has been in the news for its deplorable air quality for.