Hedge Your Bets!

Author: Anil Ramaprasad Air pollution has been in the news every day for the past few months and there is a strong sense among people to act and to find solutions to the problem. A common reaction to air pollution is to recommend mass planting of trees across the city. Trees are great, don’t get.

A citizen science and awareness project in to measure air pollution exposure in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, April 23, 2019: To raise awareness on bad air quality and the impact it has on health, a unique campaign has been launched, which will crowd-source data on the air pollution exposure that various citizens face, at different locations in Bengaluru. The initiative by Clean Air Platform (CAP), invites individuals, organisations and groups to.

Community-based air quality monitoring

#WhatAreYouBreathing Curious about the quality of the air you breathe? Do you want to know the levels of pollutants in your place of residence, work and exercise or where your children study? Clean Air Platform is piloting a unique exercise – community-based air quality monitoring, as part of a campaign to help the citizens of.

Mobile monitoring

Real-time, hyperlocal mapping of air pollution covering arterial roads, residential zones and other areas of pollution vulnerability. In the city of Bengaluru, we have 10 real-time regulatory grade monitors, which tell us the ambient air quality of the city. The pollution levels we get from these is very different from the actual levels of exposure.